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Destination: La Paz

  • La Paz - Panoramica

Discover La Paz, a city close to heaven and embraced by beautiful mountains.

Founded in 1548, La Paz is currently the seat of government and political capital of Bolivia. This city was founded and built in a valley surrounded by mountains, providing astonishing views all around. In 2014, La Paz was named one of the New 7 wonderful cities by the New 7 Wonders.
Surrounded by majestic Andes Mountains, you will find jaw dropping views, including the emblematic Illimani, named Guardian of the City, with its three peaks eternally snowed and at an imposing 21.210 feet above sea level.

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La Paz is the highest capital in the world; however, the geography inside the city generates different heights depending on the location point. Therefore, the highest point reaches 13.451 feet above sea level, while the lowest point drops to 10.500 feet above sea level.

The weather in La Paz is constantly changing, temperatures can spike throughout the day and drop suddenly at night. La Paz has rainy summers and dry winters, which makes our winters a beautiful time to visit the city. No matter the season temperatures will be en between cool to cold.
None the less, the slightly warmer months are from November to March; however, rain season is also during these months. During winter the weather in La Paz is desert-like, meaning high temperatures during the day and low during the night (including below 0°C).

What to visit in La Paz
Here are some different interest points of La Paz with their approximate distance to our Hotel: